Contract Solid Dose Packaging Services for Pharmaceutical and Consumer Healthcare

Source: Ropack Pharma Solutions
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Contract packaging for pharmaceutical and consumer health-care is Ropack's core service. Global customers rely on our exacting production environments — 32 Class 100000 Clean Rooms, including a dedicated facility ensuring low RH and controlled temperature. With four production facilities totaling nearly 250,000 square feet, Ropack has ample capacity, state-of-the-industry technology and the flexibility to provide stability and commercial production in short and long runs.

Committed to quality and reliability in primary and secondary packaging, logistics, warehousing and distribution. Serving pharmaceutical and consumer health-care companies.

  • Bottling: A validated system for exact filling of HDPE, PET and glass bottles with solid oral dose products.
  • Blister Packaging: Multiple formats including regular thermo-form, cold-formed and heat-sealed.
  • Stick-Pack Filling: Scale-up and commercial production in low RH, controlled- temperature environment.
  • Pouch and Sachet Filling: Filling services for powder, solid, liquid and other dosage types.

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