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07.29.20 -- Your CDMO And Your Glass Vials: Best Practices For Development

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Complex Molecule Development: Early Considerations To Avoid Failing Later

How to understand and prepare for challenges early in development to avoid bottlenecks that significantly slow production and delay a drug’s time-to-market.

How The Integration Of CDMO And CRO Services Benefits Everyone

The integration of CDMO services with CRO analytical testing enables high-quality biologics products, speed-to-market, greater flexibility, and no dependence on external service providers.

Complex Parenteral Drug Manufacturing: A Foundation For Success

Developing and manufacturing complex parenteral drugs is one of the most difficult processes in the pharmaceutical industry. Successful drug manufacturing is built on a solid foundation of skilled professionals, quality systems, and comprehensive risk management.

Technology Selection For Bioavailability Enhancement

Due to the growing incidence of low drug solubility in the pharmaceutical discovery and development pipeline, the number of enabling technologies that are employed to improve oral drug absorption and bioavailability (BA) are growing. Rational selection methodologies across this array of technologies can improve chances of clinical success, reduce program complexity, and accelerate development timelines.

Insight From An Expert: A Chemist’s Secrets To Efficient API Scale-Up

The more efficient your API synthesis, the lower your cost of goods. The author shares his tricks of the trade for route selection, equipment choice, manufacturing techniques, and more.

Building An All-Star Biotech Team

Building your biotech team isn’t easy, but it’s central to your value. In fact, Roivant Sciences founder and CEO Vivek Ramaswamy believes people are the most important ingredient for launching a biopharma company. Here he shares more about why finesse, not formula, should drive your hiring decisions.

Impurity Identification In Small Molecule APIs

Management of the impurity profile of an API is essential to manufacturing drug substance successfully in a manner that meets sponsor expectations for timelines and quality.

Transporting Critical Biomaterials

The best mode of transportation for moving your irreplaceable material from Point A to Point B may not be one you are familiar with. To learn more about the pros and cons associated with the well-known standard option vs. specialized transport services, download the infographic.

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