Brochure | September 9, 2011

Brochure: XS Microbial Expression Technologies™

Lonza has now established XS Microbial Expression Technologies™ as an advanced and versatile biopharmaceutical production platform. XS Technologies™ encompass a diverse assembly of expression systems that not only deliver high expression levels but also quickly enable the creation of a productive and efficient cGMP process.

Lonza has assembled a collection of complementary proprietary expression systems that are screened in a high-throughput manner to identify the best production clone for your product.

XS Technologies™ have been assembled to allow for the production of every type of biopharmaceutical in development and on market, which includes:

  • Antibody fragments (Fabs & scFv)
  • Vaccines (protein & carbohydrate antigens)
  • Cytokines & growth factors
  • Novel protein therapeutics
  • Plasmid DNA
  • Peptides via concatemer-like approach


Improving your cost of goods by increasing product yields begins with boosting expression levels, but it doesn't end there. Whether it’s E.coli, yeast or another microbe, several different strains and vectors exist within the collection of XS Technologies™. These systems have proven the ability to express at levels in excess of 10 g/L.

Microbial Expression Technologies Benefits

  • High soluble expression
  • Yields high-quality, correctly folded protein
  • Product easily recovered from the periplasm or released extracellularly
  • Extremely low background
  • Low-cost, non-toxic inducer


Lonza understands that filing your IND and moving your drug or vaccine into the clinic is a critical step in the development of your product towards the marketplace. With the help of some key pieces of automated equipment, we have incorporated a high-throughput element into XS Technologies ™, which makes it possible to quickly explore all of the options available.

One of the most popular XS Technologies™ is Lonza’s sugar-inducible E. coli system. This proven technology is comprised of a positively and tightly regulated expression system that is induced by either rhamnose or melibiose. Lonza's patented sugar-inducible systems have successfully been used in over 12 projects and are capable of achieving soluble expression levels well over 10 g/L.

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