Newsletter | April 7, 2020

04.07.20 -- Tips For Tackling Biologics Development Issues

A Strategy To Remove Formulation Development From The Critical Path During Biologics Development
Conducting a pilot formulation study at the early drug substance development stage can make things considerably easier at the manufacturing stage. Read how Catalent Biologics utilizes automation, specifically the Uncle platform, during formulation development.
Keys To Successful Technology Transfers

The choice of potential technology transfer partners can be bewildering. Understand how factors such as consolidation and outsourcing, as well as equipment and material challenges, should be taken into consideration when making this decision.

An Intensified Fed-Batch Process Utilizing N-1 Perfusion And ambr 15

While traditional fed-batch bioreactor process development has been well defined using methods such as shake flasks and bench-scale bioreactors, there is a desire to intensify the fed-batch process strategy to increase efficiency and productivity. Learn how to combine N-1 perfusion with the ambr15 bioreactor system for rapid development of a highly efficient cell culture process.

Catalent Biologics: Delivering Therapies To Market Faster
Catalent Biologics is your one integrated partner with expertise to get your biologics to market faster. We have the passion to help you accelerate, simplify, and de-risk your biologics from development and manufacturing, to fill/finish, clinical supply, and commercial launch.