Newsletter | September 9, 2019

09.09.19 -- The Importance Of Proactive Clinical Returns Planning

The Importance Of Proactive Clinical Returns Planning
Accurate and timely delivery of clinical trial supplies helps to ensure that a study’s timeline stays on track. Sponsors often focus on up front planning to ensure sites are prepared to reach clinical milestones but ignore the logistical challenges of reconciling and destroying clinical returns.
Clinical Supply Chain Transformation Through Innovation
Even with forecasting and building out a sizeable buffer inventory, clinical sites may still not always have the appropriate kits on hand to dispense to patients. Why?
Innovative Clinical Supply Solutions: Cold Chain

A biopharmaceutical company known for the development of novel therapeutic drugs had a critical requirement to package a biohazardous frozen drug product. However, the client possessed no stability data at the project onset; an essential parameter in determining the need to keep the product frozen. Read about the creation of a custom packaging and distribution solution to meet this client’s unique needs.

Demand-Led Services And Clinical Supply Efficiency

Demand-led supply is designed to meet the needs of patients, clinical sites, clinical teams, and sponsors. See how this service can benefit you with shorter lead times, less waste, less stock out risk, and no booklet labels.