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02.06.19 -- The Biotech And The Behemoths

From The Editor
The Biotech And The Behemoths
By Louis Garguilo, Chief Editor, Outsourced Pharma

Can a smaller biopharma have any leverage with bigger, multinational CDMOs? Biotech Genisphere is giving it a try. So far, so good. Here’s why.

Featured Editorial
3D Printing In The Pharmaceutical Industry: Where Does It Currently Stand?
By Jerry Martin

In 2015, Aprecia Pharmaceuticals produced the first tablet manufactured through 3D printing to be approved by the FDA. Now, with applications in controlled release, short-run medicines, and even the potential for on-site printing at pharmacies, 3D printing technology has the ability to transform the pharmaceutical industry.

5 Questions To Ask Your CDMO: #5 — What Is Your Employee Turnover?
By Bernhard J. Paul, Ph.D., principal consultant, Carinth Consulting LLC

Equipment and procedures are of limited use without trained and competent staff. While it’s common to say a company has experience with a certain technology, it is, of course, the people at that firm who, through their experience and know-how, are able to utilize equipment and procedures in successful applications of technology.

Industry Insights
The Advantages Of A Cross-Functional Staff Model In Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Article | By Tommy Bowlen, Singota Solutions

An individual that knows the product and processes from start to finish, having performed the tasks at each stage, gives the client reassurance and the CMO retains a valuable employee by avoiding burnout or loss of focus.

How Biopharma Is Capitalizing On The Antibody Boom
Article | By Günter Jagschies, GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Antibodies continue to dominate. Analyzing the strategies employed by successful players in the field could provide invaluable lessons for those hoping to enter it.

How Services Marketers Can Own Their Performance Measures
Article | By Kevin Olson, Industry Standard Research

Service marketers are often evaluated on results outside of their control and on nonstrategic measures. However, service marketers can take control of their marketing performance by implementing credible marketing effectiveness measures and creating their own narrative.

Novel Uses For Oral Solid Doses Driving Lifecycle Management Strategies
Article | By Anil Kane, Ph.D., Patheon

With few potential blockbuster drugs in the pharma pipeline right now, drug companies are increasingly looking at other options to meet the needs of patients and increase revenue in the oral solid dosage arena.

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