Newsletter | February 10, 2020

02.10.20 -- The 4 Most Important Elements Of A Successful Sponsor-CDMO Relationship

  Webinar: 2019 Year In Review

ISR is a market research firm operating exclusively in the pharmaceutical manufacturing and clinical research space. In 2019, they conducted approximately two dozen individual pieces of market research for syndication. This webinar will summarize many of the important learnings from these projects, providing attendees with real, usable data for 2020 activities.

Featured Editorial
The 4 Most Important Elements Of A Successful Sponsor-CDMO Relationship
By Christopher Ohms, director, supply chain, Rigel Pharmaceuticals Inc.

When a sponsor contracts with a manufacturing organization to execute a scope of work or series of tasks on its behalf, the sponsor takes on a level of oversight different from that within its own organization. This article highlights how four understated considerations can play an important role in a successful relationship between sponsor and CMO.

Pulling Double Duty: Packaging Considerations For Combination Products
By Jerry Martin

Blending formula and function into one neatly packaged item may seem to simplify the drug delivery process for end users, be they healthcare professionals or patients, but a product that pulls double duty comes with its own set of challenges. Combination products require their own precautions and packaging measures that help to ensure quality, safety, and reliability.

Industry Insights
Top 5 Risks Facing Your Small Biopharma Clients Today
Article | By Stephen Lam and Jennifer Stone, Thermo Fisher Scientific

For small biopharma innovators, steep development costs are compounded by the fact that large molecules are becoming increasingly complex and present serious clinical or manufacturing problems.

Optimizing Cell Expansion And Cryopreservation
Webinar | GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Cell expansion and cryopreservation are two of the key steps in a cell processing workflow. Gain valuable insights as our experts explore how optimizing these steps can help you maximize throughput.

A Roadmap For Early Development To Commercial Manufacturing
Webinar | Catalent

In this webcast, industry experts have presented key topics to consider when planning for scale-up of a development program. Real-life examples are presented to illustrate issues that have resulted in ineffective technology transfers — and strategies that can be employed to overcome these issues. 

Capture OTC Market Share For Geriatric And Pediatric Patients
Webinar | Thermo Fisher Scientific

This webinar discusses how the unique properties of gelatin have been used to develop chewable softgel formulations for the pediatric and geriatric patient populations. 

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