Newsletter | May 14, 2022

05.14.22 -- Reduce Inhalation Burden And Explore Nasal Delivery Technology

Examining The Emergence Of Unit- And Bi-Dose Nasal Sprays

Nasal spray administration of medicine offers advantages over oral and intravenous (IV) delivery. Experts discuss the advantages and opportunities of adopting unit- and bi-dose nasal delivery technology.

Reduce Inhalation Burden With High-Dose, Carrier-Free Spray-Dried Powders

Explore how spray-dried particles provide an attractive, carrier-free option for highly dispersed delivery of API to deep lung regions, utilizing an alternative approach to large, porous particles.

Nasal Delivery Technology, QbD Processes, And Outsourcing

Understand the advantages of unit/bi-dose nasal delivery technology, application of the QbD process for inhaled product development, and why to outsource inhalation development and manufacturing.

End-To-End Inhalation Expertise Across Dose Forms

Learn about the capabilities supporting the development and manufacture of formulations delivered by dry powder inhalers (DPIs), metered dose inhalers (MDIs), and unit- or bi-dose nasal sprays.

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