Application Note

Purification Of A Monoclonal Antibody Using ReadyToProcess Columns

Source: GE Healthcare Life Sciences

To reduce costs and shorten time to market, the use of plugand- play technology is increasing in process development as well as in later-stage production. ReadyToProcess™ columns are prepacked, prequalified, and presanitized columns ready for direct use.

In this study, the performance of ReadyToProcess columns prepacked with MabSelect SuRe™, Capto™ Q, and Capto adhere media was compared with small-scale XK16/40 (XK) columns packed with the same media for the purification of a monoclonal antibody (MAb) in a three-step process in parallel experiments. Yield and contaminant levels were practically identical during all steps, demonstrating the comparable performance of the column types and that the process is scalable. In addition, ReadyToProcess columns can be used for repeated runs with retained performance.