Press-Fit® & XPress-Fit™ Gelcaps

Source: Capsugel® | Lonza Pharma & Biotech

XPress-Fit and Press-Fit logos

Press-Fit® and XPress-Fit™ are two-piece gelcaps that combine the best qualities of a gelatin capsule with the density of a tablet, creating an exciting new dosage form that can be custom engineered to meet specific product performance criteria. The Press-Fit® and Xpress-Fit™ gelcaps have a unique dosage form consisting of a flexible, high-gloss gelatin coating that encases the capelts.

Press-Fit® gelcaps are two flexible high-gloss gelacaps that stretch around the caplet meeting at midpoint.

Xpress-Fit™ gelcaps have a unique design that imparts a gap between the two high-gloss gelcaps, enabling the potential for a fast-release dosage form.

Press-Fit® & Xpress-Fit™ Gelcaps Benefits:

  • Meets consumer pereferences for and easy-to-swallow pill
  • Masks the tasted and odor of the drug
  • Differentiates your brand with a variety of color and size options
  • Allows for in-house production, using a sprecialized IMA brand filling machine; outsourced options also are available

Are you looking to revive an existing brand, or create further differentiation of a new product?
The elegant, geometric shape of Press-Fit and Xpress-Fit gelcaps are distinct in the marketplace. The high gloss finish and extensive selection of color combinations provide additional opportunities for unique trade dress and enhanced consumer recognition.

Do you need a fast, yet trusted way to get your product to market?
The outside gelatin shell is taste-free, and is backed by decades of safe and effective utilization in oral dosage applications. Capsugel's gelatin expertise will enable formulation times to be condensed, and the Press-Fit or Xpress-Fit gelcap manufacturing process can be installed in your facility, giving you complete control over production.

Press-Fit and Xpres-Fit gelcaps are formed using an exclusive cold-shrink process on a special filling and coating machine. While purchasing this machine is a very viable option, our partnership with Aptuit. enables you to produce clinical trial material in this innovative dosage form. Also, contract manufacturers that seek to offer a wide array of dosage form options will find Press-Fit technology a valuable addition.

Press-Fit and Xpress-Fit gelcaps are manufactured in a GMP facility that meets ISO 9000 certification criteria. Computerized process control stations monitor key manufacturing process parameters, and a certificate of analysis is included in every production batch.