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06.09.21 -- Pharma's Lack Of Leadership On Coronavirus Origins

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Navigating An Ever-Changing Landscape: The Role Of A CFO In A Private Equity-Controlled Pharma Company
The role of chief financial officer for a small to midsize pharma company controlled by private equity is a challenging one, especially since pharma companies with limited internal resources often rely on CDMOs for support. Learn how these CFOs can use their CDMOs to be more successful.
4 Ways To Avoid Failure In Phase 3 Clinical Manufacturing

Understanding the challenges in the biopharma space is critical, as the planning you do today dictates the options you have later when the costs — and the stakes — get even higher.

Robust Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) Cell Expression Platform For High-Quality Biomanufacturing

Rapid development of high-quality cell lines is vital to biomanufacturing projects. How developers approach the fundamental steps can define their core biologics capabilities and keep projects on track.

When Is Intelligent Healthcare Packaging The Right Choice?

When packaging engineers and brand managers imagine what they can achieve with the help of new packaging technologies, it’s difficult to know where to start since the potential use cases, goals, and outcomes of product packaging have grown so significantly. What’s more, the technology itself can be confusing. This article is intended to help those involved in the conceptualization and development of healthcare packaging understand the capabilities of packaging technologies and determine the best choices for their products, as well as for patients and consumers.

Engineering Respiratory Drug Delivery: Mannitol Case Study

This article presents a case study that explores the material and performance properties of spray-dried and jet-milled mannitol for respiratory delivery of crystalline mannitol.

Probing The Source Of An Unstable Impurity And Controlling Its Formation At Release

A critical step in an extended-release drug product analysis is the extraction during impurity and assay sample preparation. When both the drug substance and the impurity are unstable, this is especially challenging.

What The Proposal Process Reveals About A CDMO Partner

The way a CDMO responds to a request for proposal provides significant insight into how the CDMO will approach a long-term collaboration.

Intensified And Improved Fed-Batch Production Process: High-Density N-1 Perfusion

The method described here allows you to intensify your fed-batch process through reduced production duration without affecting the growth or titer profile.

How To Select An API Partner For Strategic Success

A strategic partner should always seek ways to innovate and improve your compound or product’s value, and do it with the dedication of a partner, not a supplier. With the growing importance of contract services and plenty of providers, it is more critical than ever to make the right choice. Where do you start? Tom Wilson, Pfizer CentreOne’s contract manufacturing lead, shares his tips for picking the perfect API partner.

Systematic Approach To Early-Phase Sterile Drug Product Technology Transfer

How should a manufacturer prepare for the initial transfer of a lab-scale process to the manufacturing plant? The more systematic the production approach, and the more coordinated the effort between formulation scientists and manufacturing personnel, the more likely it is that the transfer will be successful.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Pharma Services Global Network

Our objective is to help speed your molecule through early-phase trials to prepare you for commercial success. This e-book explains our comprehensive support to help streamline the end-to-end process.

Are You Protecting Your Employees During HPAPI Manufacturing?

As biomanufacturers venture into the rapidly growing market of highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs), it is important to consider whether they have the resources and capabilities to protect both their product and their employees.

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