Webinar | November 27, 2017

Optimizing Your Plate-Based Assay Workflows

Source: Dassault Systemes Americas

Announcing the release of BIOVIA Assay and BIOVIA Sample for Assay for plate based assay analytics and related sample inventory, tracking and processing. Join us and learn how these integrated tools can improve your plate based screening. These workflow based software solutions guide scientists through various processes in low to high throughput screening campaigns.

Design and manage your screening campaigns using BIOVIA Assay. The Oracle based platform covers analysis of cellular, molecular and high content screening. Key features include:

  • High throughput Dose Response Analysis
  • Convenient visual analytic capabilities
  • Fast and reproducible analysis of complex data-sets
  • Open to customization and integration with existing lab-equipment

BIOVIA Sample for Assay Key features include:

  • End-users are guided all along the various processes used in sample management operations
  • Piped jobs allow to chain complex operations with maximum traceability
  • Single platform for liquid and solid inventory management & tracking
  • Robotic equipment, barcode printers and balance integration
  • High level of performance: 100% of the code is executed by Oracle SQL core