Application Note

1-µmol Synthesis Of DNA Using ÄKTA™ Oligopilot™ Plus 10

Source: GE Healthcare Life Sciences

ÄKTA oligopilot plus 10 has become a highly efficient system for 1-μmol scale synthesis of DNA oligonucleotides.

DNA oligonucleotides of various lengths were synthesised using an ÄKTA oligopilot plus 10 systemt. The methods for 1 μmol scale synthesis of phosphodiester DNA oligonucleotides have been optimized and, relative to the original version of the ÄKTA oligopilot 10 system, significant improvements have been made in terms of reagent consumption, quality of the oligonucleotides synthesized, and cycle time.

Synthesis of oligonucleotides in the 1-μmol scale was carried out in disposable cassettes. Empty cassettes and appropriate filters are available from GE Healthcare (code number 18-1035-19). Best results have been obtained with cassettes packed with Custom Primer Support™ 40s, 25 mg/cassette.