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11.23.22 -- Merck, Medimmune, And Keytruda: An Ultimate Outsourcing Story

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Starting Your Sterile Injectables Program Off On The Right Foot

How can drug sponsors and developers leverage these increasingly strategic commercial fill/finish partnerships? Explore tips on how to put programs on a firmer footing.

Soluble Versus Insoluble Expression In Microbial Fermentation

Expression of inclusion bodies has historically suffered a bad reputation in the industry. So, how do these two routes, soluble and insoluble, compare in terms of their advantages and challenges?

mRNA Vaccine Development: Planning, Workflow, And Supply Chain Success

A review of insights derived from the development of mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines and how they can be applied to accelerate progress in the manufacture of vaccines and therapeutics moving forward.

The 3 Cs You Should Expect From Your Pharma Service Provider

Learn what indicates whether a service provider has the capabilities desired by a drug sponsor to fulfill a company’s long-term goals and is committed to their success.

Drug Formulation Development: Quick Reference Guide

This guide shares the steps involved in formulation development, considerations during formulation, and how partnering with an experienced CDMO can lead to a successful commercial product.

CDMO Timebombs: Five Ways The Wrong Partner Can Lead To Trouble

A manufacturing partner that can't manage the complexities of your biologic can cause problems large and small, putting your next level of funding, or even the future of your company, in jeopardy.

How To Overcome Bioprocess Development Challenges

We explain how to successfully address common process development challenges to achieve an efficient journey to market and maximize the biotherapeutic’s potential impact.

Transition To Closed Processing Systems

Learn about our transition to closed processes for expansion of suspension CHO and Sf9 cells and how the closed system compares to traditional processing.

Find The Right Intensification Strategy For Upstream And Downstream Processes

How do you know if an intensification approach will provide advantages? Three process intensification experts show how different intensification approaches affect outputs using different scenarios.

Outsourced Pharma Live

Available On Demand! Throughout the year, chief editor Louis Garguilo brings together industry experts to discuss some of the biggest challenges being faced by both sponsors and CDMOs. Our archived videos can be accessed at any time by registered site users.