Within3 Medical Association Community Programs

Source: Within3

Within3 Service for online medical association program
Within3's Medical Association Community Programs provide a forum for your members to connect.

Within3's private, online community programs provide a round-the-clock forum for your members to connect with peers, discuss clinical issues, access new science and learn from each other. By enabling your members to easily engage around compelling content, we help yoru association deliver an enhanced memeber experience.

Within3's online Medical Association Community Program offer rich capabilities and benefits by:

  • Providing secure, private collaboration across web and mobile channels
  • Enhancing two-way dialogue, both member-to-member and member-to-association
  • Simplifying the user experience, e.g. Single Sign On
  • Increasing engagement between live meetings
  • Promoting more effective advocacy and aducation programs
  • Improving committee/workgroup productivity
  • Enabling non-intrusive visibiliyt into aggregate member interests
  • Being fully compatible with Association Managemetn Systems