Download | November 13, 2018

This market research report explores how sponsor organizations use contract manufacturers to streamline costs, better manage capacity, access scientific expertise, improve efficiencies and decrease time to market. For this study, ISR surveyed a group of heavy outsourcers, making them well-qualified to give insight on their experiences using different outsourcing models, including Tactical or Transactional Outsourcing, use of Preferred Providers, and Strategic Partnerships. You can purchase a single-user license for individual use, a site-wide license giving access to the report for all employees within a single site/office location, or an enterprise-wide license giving access to all employees within your organization. You can also download a free preview file below.

Drug Developers

  • Benefits and drawbacks of using different outsourcing models for development and/or commercial manufacturing needs
  • Understand the cost breakdown of an outsourced manufacturing project by molecule type and stage of development to identify areas where potential savings may be gained
  • How to prepare for challenges and difficulties that peers have encountered when using contract manufacturers through various outsourcing models

Contract Manufacturers

  • Gain insight into how sponsor experience and capacity influence outsourcing strategies as well as which drug products and components are most likely to be outsourced
  • Learn decision-making hierarchies and outsourcing drivers influencing CMO selection and then use this information to improve your sales pitch and approach
  • Use this report to plan for changes in outsourcing model usage, to understand why those changes may transpire and to capture new business by zeroing in on the elements that drive an outsourcing model’s success

Learn more by downloading the free preview file, or by purchasing the full report below.