Market Research Report: Contract Development And Manufacturing Outsourcing Models

Source: ISR Reports

Market Research Report: Contract Development And Manufacturing Outsourcing Models

This market research report reveals the motivations and strategies behind a drug innovators’ decision to outsource, how different outsourcing relationships are selected, and how these factors can impact the decision of which outsourcing model to use (Tactical or Transactional Outsourcing, Preferred Providers, and Strategic Partnerships).

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Drug developers can use this report to better understand the pros and cons of using the aforementioned outsourcing models for development and/or commercial manufacturing needs. They can also use it to understand the cost breakdown of an outsourced manufacturing project by molecule type and stage of development, and to gain access on feedback from their peers (survey respondents) on the challenges they have encountered when using CMOs through various outsourcing models.

Contract manufacturers can use the report for insight into how sponsor experience and capacity can influence outsourcing strategies, as well as which drug products are most likely to be outsourced. They can also use it to better understand decision-making hierarchies and outsourcing drivers influencing CMO selection. Additionally, CMOs can use it to help plan for changes in outsourcing model usage, to better understand why those changes may occur, and to better position themselves to win new business by focusing on the elements that drive an outsourcing relationship’s success.

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