Newsletter | November 22, 2022

11.22.22 -- Leveraging Advanced Technologies To Accelerate Pharma Development

Parallel Approaches, Diverse Partnerships Combat COVID-19

Executives from Moderna, Sanofi Pasteur, Takeda, and Catalent shared behind-the-scenes information on their respective efforts to develop a COVID-19 vaccine. While their approaches were different, the companies all adopted a collaborative mindset to arrive at a vaccine as quickly and safely as possible.

Analytical Quality By Design Using Design Of Experiment

Design of experiment (DoE) is the centerpiece of analytical quality by design. A DoE assay development pipeline approach delivers optimized, robust, and rugged analytical methods ready for method qualification.

Ensuring Success In Early Biopharmaceutical Formulation Development

Biopharmaceuticals tend to be highly unstable. A pilot formulation study at the early drug substance development stage can make things considerably easier at the manufacturing stage.

Evolution Of Flexible Commercial Biologics Manufacturing

The biopharma industry is continuously evolving to reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve pipelines, and get products to market faster. Are you achieving optimal flexibility in your biologics development and manufacturing by effectively leveraging the most advanced technologies?