Newsletter | October 12, 2021

10.12.21 -- How Well Are CMOs/CDMOs Meeting Sponsor Expectations?

CMOs Continue To Exceed Sponsor Expectations

ISR explains how the CMO Leadership Awards and the corresponding market research data can be used to make more informed CMO selection decisions and optimize operational and marketing strategies.

How Can CDMOs Identify Their Customers' Decision-Making Process?

The client — ISR was engaged by the global marketing director at a Top 20 CDMO with the above question. The client had years of experience in marketing their brand to prospective customers and wanted to demonstrate to company stakeholders that their marketing efforts were not only hitting the right targets, but that the language used in those efforts reflected their customers’ needs. Knowing this information would allow the client’s marketing department to move toward messaging focused on how their services address their customers’ concerns.

Revealing Response To A Hypothetical Question About Outsourcing Services

If you were in charge of establishing a bioprocessing contract manufacturing business, which services provider attributes would you implement to ensure your company’s success? Here's how peers in the industry responded.

Small & Emerging Outsourced Manufacturing Activities

To better understand the outsourcing practices used by respondents’ companies, ISR asked research participants to provide an estimate for various manufacturing activities.