Newsletter | October 9, 2018

10.09.18 -- How A Shared Biomanufacturing Facility Can Answer Your Forecasting Dilemma

Can A Shared Biomanufacturing Facility Be The Answer To The Demand Forecasting Dilemma?

Single-use technology has a critical role in the future of manufacturing, as it can eliminate costly and time-consuming cleaning and changeover costs and deliver more productive manufacturing times. Using a shared biomanufacturing facility, a biomanufacturer can minimize its investment while mitigating the risks of demand uncertainty and maximizing time to market.

Facility Design — Balancing Stainless-Steel, Single-Use, And Continuous Approaches To Manufacturing

Although change may be intimidating, disruptive innovation allows manufacturers to achieve increased efficiency and quality. Several drivers affect how the appropriate facility design and unit operations for a process are selected, making it imperative to properly evaluate each option. 

How A New Factory-In-A-Box Is Helping Scale Up Manufacturing Of Viral Vector-Based Therapies To Reach More Patients

Recently there have been many approvals for viral vector-based therapies. Manufacturing viral vector-based therapies, such as vaccines and gene and cell therapies, is complex, but a new manufacturing solution helps solve challenges.

Determining The Right Type Of Biomanufacturing Capacity

In selecting a biomanufacturing platform, it's necessary to properly understand what the industry needs are and what aspects of the drug development and clinical pathway you intend to support with your new manufacturing capacity. Having a rigorous selection and assessment criteria will ensure that you make the right decision.
Video: 4 Key Considerations When Determining The Right Type Of Biomanufacturing Capacity

How To Rapidly Create Single-Use Biomanufacturing Capacity

To meet therapy production demands, the industry needs to have the right capacity, in the right locations. Increasingly, single-use technologies are seen as the solution to flexibly and cost-effectively address many of the challenges around creating biologics manufacturing capacity. And it’s the fastest way to bring capacity online.
Video: 5 Key Considerations For Successfully Creating cGMP Single-Use Biomanufacturing Capacity