HiScale Columns

Source: Cytiva
hiscale columns

HiScale columns were developed to simplify and accelerate process development and preparative chromatography.

Key design features enable precise column packing, easy handling, and increased method reproducibility. The column tubing material is PEEK, which allows for increased pressure specifications. The QuickLock mechanism of the adapter shaft facilitates rapid and easy movement of the adapter, simplifying adjustments as well as disassembly and cleaning.

HiScale is a family of pressurestable, empty columns based on the well-established XK column line and designed for process development and preparative chromatography. The user-friendly design allows for an optimized process, through simplified and reproducible operation. The range of functional advantages makes HiScale columns well-suited for work that requires ease-of-use, robustness, and process control.

Features and benefits of HiScale columns include:

  • Pressure stability up to 20 bar, providing compatibility with modern BioProcess media
  • Axial compression of the gel bed and a plunger mechanism enabling a wide range of packing protocols
  • Column measurement scale and ergonomical design of the end cap, enabling precise packing
  • Adapter QuickLock mechanism, facilitating column handling and cleaning
  • Dual adapters, offering high flexibility and dynamic protocols
  • Compatibility with all methods currently used with Cytiva’s XK columns

HiScale columns are available in a number of sizes. Columns are comprised of an inner glass tube and an outer protective polycarbonate tube. The default filter size is 20 μm, but other sizes are available.