Case Study

How Genesis Genetics Saved Over 50% In Shipping Costs

Source: CSafe Global

Genesis Genetics is a pioneer of pre-implantation testing of embryos for inherited genetic abnormalities. It was founded by world renowned scientists who were largely responsible for the discovery of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis as a clinical practice. They need to ship cell samples around the world at guaranteed temperatures of -20°C (or colder) during journeys that might take up to 5 days. Fluctuations in temperature can be catastrophic for the DNA inside the cells. The temperature of the shipment has to be logged constantly during the trip to enable scientists to easily verify that the product was not negatively affected during shipment.

Genesis Genetics was working with a provider who supplied them a single trip solution that cost $300. CSafe’s AcuTemp brand solution’s total cost, including shipping, was approximately $150. Genesis Genetics realized additional savings because the AcuTemp packaging could be used for multiple trips giving them immediate and long term cost savings, reliability and accountability.