Newsletter | June 16, 2022

06.16.22 -- Formulating Complex Molecules Using Advanced Technologies

Principles Of Raman Spectroscopy And Application To Pharma Development

Learn how Raman spectroscopy is used to analyze a chemical compound’s structure and about an example of how this technique is used to analyze amorphous material created through hot-melt extrusion.

NMR And Mass Spectrometry In Pharmaceutical Development

Together, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and MS analysis can definitively identify reference standards, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), or final drug product composition.

Using Advanced Technologies To Formulate Complex Molecules

Oral dosage forms have remained a cornerstone of drug development, despite the proliferation of alternative dosage forms to address unmet medical needs. Explore barriers to the development of oral formulations and technological responses.

Market Trends, Partnerships Driving Orphan Drug Innovation

This report includes expert guidance on navigating development and manufacturing challenges with orphan drugs, with insights on how drug sponsors of all sizes work with CDMOs to achieve their goals.