Application Note

Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Single-Use Technologies

Source: GE Healthcare Life Sciences
biopharma environmental lifescycle

Biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing demand scalable processes that can be smoothly transferred to production. These processes need to be quickly developed and easy to implement. Ready-to-use technologies such as the ReadyToProcess™ platform from GE Healthcare Life Sciences play a crucial role in providing the flexibility to support multiproduct facilities and deliver process time savings, allowing for faster changeover between products. The ReadyToProcess platform is a complete suite of preconditioned systems and accessories for biopharmaceutical production, prepared for immediate use. The platform includes both single-use and reusable products.

Single-use technologies offer an attractive option for biopharmaceutical manufacturing, but their environmental impact needs be considered. This paper documents the findings of an extensive LCA study comparing single-use and conventional bioprocessing technology for the production of monoclonal antibodies (MAbs).