Drug Product Development Services

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Drug Product Development Services

Considering that 90% of drug candidates have bioavailability issues, making sure your program is prepared for all phases of clinical trials from the very start is the fast way forward. Patheon Solubility Enhancement Services approaches BCS II and IV drug substance solubility issues a fundamentally different way that identifies the solubility enhancement technologies most likely to work before you get started. That helps eliminate rework and worry later on.

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Try the Patheon Solubility Solution Finder and then talk to a Patheon solubility expert to see how we can help meet the needs of your molecule, timeline and budget with a custom-tailored complete solution. Even if it means another company handles your solubility enhancement process.

With Patheon Solubility Enhancement Services, you get a partner you can trust with the skills your discovery deserves: Comprehensive analytical services. Preformulation characterization and technology screening. Formulation design and process development built upon computer modeling and Quality by Design principles. Proven cGMP clinical-scale manufacturing. And an array of solubility technologies that includes proven solutions not available anywhere else.



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Patheon – part of Thermo Fisher Scientific