Brochure | March 12, 2007

Brochure: DBcaps® Capsules

Source: Capsugel, a Lonza Company
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DBcaps® Capsules is a complete line of capsules uniquely designed for double-blind clinical trials. DBcaps® capsules can improve patient compliance, as well as reduce bias, when used in clinical trials to over-encapsulate comparator products. They are easy to swallow and have a unique locking mechanism to ensure the integrity of the blind.

The DBcaps® Capsules are shorter than standard-size capsules, making them easier to swallow. The extended cap length of DBcaps capsules completely covers the side wall of the capsule body, making it virtually impossible to open the capsule without causing visible damage.

DBcaps® Capsules are available in eight different sizes to best accommodate a wide range of comparator shapes and sizes without having to grind or alter the comparator. Capsugel stocks many sizes for immediate shipment. Custom packaging options are also available.

DBcaps® can be custom formulated in a wide array of colors. For convenience, five standard color formulations have been developed (gray opaque, caramel opaque, qhite opaque, swedish orange opaque and yellow opaque)that utilize globally accepted colorants and that provide sufficient opacity to ensure blinding. The capsules can be filled on most automatic and semiautomatic capsule filling machines, as well as on selected manual filling machines.