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09.14.20 -- Critical Thinking In Root Cause Investigations: Asking The Right Questions

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Addressing The Challenges Of Vaccines And Intradermal Delivery

This article considers six shortcomings in the way vaccines are developed and delivered. Addressing these deficiencies could improve both the efficacy and accessibility of vaccines around the world.

Top 5 Risks Facing Your Small Biopharma Clients Today

For small biopharma innovators, steep development costs are compounded by the fact that large molecules are becoming increasingly complex and present serious clinical or manufacturing problems.

What Your CMO Needs To Know About Serialization And Aggregation

In recent years, the global pharmaceutical industry has been under intense pressure to enhance the safety, security, and continuity of the supply chain. Partnering with a CMO that has applied traceability, serialization, and aggregation standards across its own operations promises business continuity and speed-to-market that translates to a competitive advantage.

Enabling Custom Chromatography Solutions For Downstream Processing

The manufacturing of complex biotherapeutics, such as activated proteins or closely related product forms, requires novel purification strategies, which may not always exist. Here we present custom downstream processing solutions, developed in close collaboration with our customers, including a case study covering the single step purification of prothrombin.

An Engineered Platform For High-Loaded Dosage Forms Of Amorphous Solid Dispersions

This poster outlines a novel engineered platform for the formulation of high-active-loading oral solid dosage forms containing amorphous solid dispersions (ASDs) of a rapidly crystallizing drug with a low glass-transition temperature (Tg).

Create Brand Sustainability With Softgel Technology

Keeping an eye on some emerging trends that are shaping society and the pharmaceutical industry can help you meet diverse consumer preferences and potentially extend product life cycles.

How Buffer pH And NaCl Affect Size Exclusion Chromatography

Using a design of experiments approach, this study describes the effect of buffer pH and NaCl concentration on proteins purified by size exclusion chromatography.

The Criticality Of API CDMO Selection: Insights From A Client

Small and emerging companies face challenges related to limited funding and resources, such as technical expertise and capacity, making it imperative they find a competent partner to support them.

Gene To IND In 12 Months Without Increased Risk

Going from discovery to first-in-human studies as fast as possible is a clear objective for most biotech companies, and accelerating timelines has always been a focus for the biopharmaceutical industry. Financial pressures, competition, and current global healthcare events are further driving the emphasis to move as quickly as possible into the clinic.

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