Newsletter | September 10, 2020

09.10.20 -- Considerations For Clinical Supply Optimization And Forecasting

Factoring The “What Ifs” Into Supply Forecasting

Growing urgency in the biopharmaceutical industry to speed new products to market is leading to greater appreciation for supply forecasting as a strategic and highly complex success factor. This article reviews considerations for developing a supply plan, the influence of early decisions, their impact on outcomes as a trial progresses, and how decisions can put patients and the trial at risk.

Comparator Local Sourcing For Clinical Trials

The demand for reference drugs or so-called comparators is soaring as the volume, size, and complexity of clinical trials reaches record levels. As a result, many supply chain managers are exploring available sourcing options. This article examines the fundamentals of local sourcing, including the benefits and challenges of sourcing locally, and the circumstances under which local sourcing can be a sound decision.

Ancillary Management: Keep Your Clinical Trial On Track

This e-book analyzes the effect of current industry trends on the clinical ancillary market. It offers suggestions for effectively planning an ancillary supply strategy as well as tips on execution techniques that will ensure your company’s current workload is minimized without derailing your critical research. Key industry challenges that clinical trial teams face when managing ancillaries are reviewed, and pragmatic solutions are presented.

Clinical Supply Optimization: Enhanced Service Model Saves Client Time On Supplies

The vice president of manufacturing for a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company faced an avalanche of work when a reorganization left him without a clinical supply manager. Planning to start five new clinical trials in six months, while managing quality assurance, manufacturing, and supplies for new and ongoing studies, he asked himself a simple question, “How am I going to do all that?” This article describes how.