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01.30.13 -- Compliance Matters In Clinical Trials

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Compliance Matters In Clinical Trials
By Kai Langel, CRF Health
Subject compliance is a hot topic in the industry right now. Some of the discussions out there can be a little misleading, since 'compliance' means different things to different people and companies. Many eDiary vendors focus on a subject's compliance with data entry, whereas sponsors are more interested in the subject's compliance with the study procedures, and clinicians are interested in the subject's compliance with their medication and treatment.
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ARTICLE: Inflammation And The New Drug Development Paradigm
By Thomas Vihtelic, DVM, PhD
Opportunities abound for new treatments for inflammatory diseases, which afflict millions of people. Upward spiraling development costs, however, impede progress and delay relief for patients suffering from such debilitating diseases.
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WHITE PAPER: Targeting PK And Patient Needs With Versatile, Timed-Based, Oral Drug Delivery
By Michael A. Gosselin, Ph.D., and Vincent Parrino, M.Sc., M.B.A., Aptalis Pharmaceutical Technologies
In 2009, more than one half of the drug candidates going beyond Phase II development were line extensions or modifications of existing products, rather than representing truly innovative new molecules, according to a 2010 annual report from the consultancy firm CMR International, a Thomson Reuters business. Clearly, pharmaceutical developers pursue product opportunities that meet patients' needs, not only by discovering new molecular entities, but largely by repositioning existing products across multiple indications, developing alternative dosage forms, or reformulating them to modify pharmacokinetic profiles.
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By Life Science Logistics
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