Clinical Trial Packaging & Labeling

Source: PCI Clinical Services

With unrivaled experience in packaging and labeling, PCI combines knowledge, experience, and innovative technologies ensuring our ability to supply high quality products reliably and effectively wherever in the world our clients need them.

Combining extensive label design experience with flexible primary and secondary packaging suites, PCI provides packaging solutions for the most demanding Phase I through Phase IV studies. Our scalable packaging systems meet the specific needs of each unique study and the investigational product. Our sites also manage comprehensive studies that require product blinding, over-encapsulation and management of controlled substances.

Our secondary packaging facilities feature cutting edge technologies that provide solutions for assembly and release of patient kits for global studies. Utilizing our in-house expertise in package design and development, we work with clients to ensure pack design meets the needs of all stakeholders enabling optimal patient compliance to the regimen.

At PCI, our philosophy is to employ and maintain best-in-class equipment and technologies. This investment ensures robust packaging solutions for each application and project scope, including manual, semi-automated, and fully automated technologies. Our on-line inspection systems guarantee product safety and maintain trial supply integrity, whilst our ultra-modern packaging environments accommodate product needs for light and oxygen sensitivity, temperature controls supporting cold chain management, and low-humidity conditions. The versatility of equipment platforms offer technological solutions for each trial, regardless of scale.

Our Comprehensive Packaging Service Includes:

  • Package Design and Development
  • Specialty Products Including Temperature Controlled
  • Support Services Including QP Services and Product Release
  • Activ-BlisterTM solutions in partnership with CSP Technologies