Newsletter | February 22, 2021

02.22.21 -- Clinical Supply Partners Ready For Your Clinical Studies



APAC Region Distribution Considerations For Clinical Trial Supplies

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region has become an emerging market for pharmaceutical and biotech innovation, including clinical studies. Managing a clinical supply distribution strategy within APAC can be very complex, due to differences in regulations between countries, as well as significant changes in weather and climate across the region as a whole. Maintaining business continuity when executing a supply chain plan is critical to a trial’s success. Catalent’s Daniel Gao and Tracey Clare address common distribution challenges encountered within APAC, and discuss possible solutions a sponsor should consider and implement.

Clinical Trial Packaging & Labeling

With unrivaled experience in packaging and labeling, PCI combines knowledge, experience, and innovative technologies ensuring our ability to supply high quality products reliably and effectively wherever in the world our clients need them.

Fill Finish Capabilities: COVID-19

Bringing Covid-19 therapeutic solutions to the clinic and market with speed, precision and scalability is now a challenge with unparalleled consequence. Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services remains committed to helping customers address the global demand for a solution.

Clinical Manufacturing

Emergent manufactures products for our customers that support all phases of clinical trials. Contracting with Emergent for clinical manufacturing has a number of advantages.

Integrated Drug Development And Clinical Services For Small And Emerging Pharma

Take months off the development timelines of your large and small molecule discoveries. With Quick to Care™ you can combine your drug substance and drug product development, demand planning and clinical trial supply execution into a single customized solution to simplify your supply chain and accelerate your discovery through clinical development. You’ll be able to develop small molecules 8–12 weeks faster than the industry-standard 15 months, and large molecules 14–20 weeks faster.

Inventory Management System - Choosing The Right Clinical Trial Solution For Distribution And Supply Optimization

Using an IRT or IMS system can vastly improve the visibility, control and management of a clinical trial. What are the differences between them? Which solution is the most suitable for a given trial? This webinar will focus on how carefully examining clinical trial and protocol expectations will allow participants to choose the right solution for their clinical trials.

Drug Development, Clinical Trial Manufacturing, Commercial Production

Pii provides insight and support of your clinical formulation development and clinical and commercial supply management — all while exceeding the FDA regulatory hurdles along the way.