Newsletter | August 12, 2022

08.12.22 -- CDMOs Meeting The Demand For Cell & Gene Therapy Commercialization

Cambrex's Capabilities And Capacity Update March 2022: Cell & Gene

Small and emerging biopharma’s often are challenged to identify a CDMO partner that can truly grow with them. An organization may kick off drug development with one indication and light production volumes in mind, but as indications are added or demand outstrips their partner’s capacity, the biopharma must add more partners or transfer to a larger CDMO. Ideally, such organizations can depend on one CDMO partner, whether their therapy remains limited in its indication and production scope or expands exponentially. This presentation demonstrates Cambrex’s capabilities and how they can support the Cell & Gene Therapy players in the market.

Plasmid DNA cGMP Production: Finding The Right Partner

Partnering with a CDMO equipped with the quality oversight, capacity, expertise, and equipment for plasmid DNA production is critical to ensuring a stable therapeutic supply. 

Integrated Solutions For Advanced Therapeutics

Our development expertise across all gene therapy modalities (AAV, lentivirus, oncolytic virus, etc.) and proven clinical through commercial scale-up capabilities will provide full life cycle support of your life-saving therapeutic.

The Centre For Cell And Vector Production (CCVP)

A world-class Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility built in partnership with University Health Network (UHN), located in downtown Toronto, adjacent to some of Canada’s leading hospitals and research institutes.

Cytograde pDNA: Manufacture pDNA Without Sacrificing Quality Or Budget

If plasmid DNA (pDNA) is integral to your biopharmaceutical production process, are you integrating it as effectively as possible? Here's how to realize cost-efficacy and manage risk.

Changing The Dynamic Of Manufacturing And Development For Gene Therapies

We are gene therapy developers, researchers and clinicians, and we built Forge Biologics to solve for the pain points we ourselves experience when we move programs through development and into the clinic.

Your Full-Spectrum Gene Therapy Partner

Work with us from start to finish of your product or partner with us at any stage of your project – preclinical through commercial scale.

Formulation, Manufacturing Capabilities For Cell & Gene Therapies

The engagement of a CDMO partner with a broad portfolio of cell and gene therapy delivery technologies, a strong formulation track record and manufacturing flexibility is the preferred pathway for success.

Viral Vector Manufacturing

The Center for Breakthrough Medicines (CBM) operates the world’s largest single-site advanced therapies facility, with over twenty suites focused on scalable production of viral vectors, including Adeno associated virus (AAV), Lentivirus (LVV), HSV, Adenovirus, and other viruses.

This state-of-the-art site is run by a world-class team, including some of the most experienced talent in vector manufacturing. Our solutions efficiently and consistently deliver high yields without compromising quality, accelerating the availability of new therapies to patients who need them.

The Future Of Plug-And-Play Large-Scale Viral Vector Manufacturing

Explore AAV-based gene therapy production to manage adherent and suspension processes, and new approaches for creating large-scale AAV production that can meet any product specification.

GMP Viral Vector Manufacturing

As a viral vector CDMO, we deliver high-quality, cost-effective, and precise master cell banking and expansion and GMP viral vector manufacturing via transient transfection and producer cell lines to accelerate your product through clinical development and beyond.