BPG Glass Chromatography Columns

Source: Cytiva
BPG chromatography columns

BPG columns are glass chromatography columns designed to meet the needs of process development and biopharmaceutical manufacture; hygienic design and operation; easy, efficient packing and running with the single-screw adapter.

BPG columns are glass columns designed for use in the production of biopharmaceuticals or any product made in a regulated or current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) environment. The columns are manufactured with materials carefully selected for their compatibility with the solvents most commonly used in biopharmaceutical manufacture. All polymeric materials are approved according to USP Class VI tests for toxicity.

BPG range

  • Scalable from inner diameters of 100 mm to 450 mm and bed volumes from 2 to 121 L
  • Pressure rating up to 8 bar
  • Proven hygienic design and easy cleaning-in-place
  • For use with a variety of techniques and chromatographic media, especially BioProcess media (Superdex, Sepharose gh Performance and Fast Flow, and Sephacryl)
  • Proven distribution system
  • Sanitary TC connections throughout
  • Materials include electropolished stainless steel, calibrated borosilicate glass, EPDM and fluoroplastics – all with high chemical resistance
  • All polymeric materials are approved according to USP Class VI tests for toxicity
  • IQ and OQ documentation packages available
  • Validation support documentation available on request
  • Packing devices available for long bed heights