Newsletter | May 10, 2022

05.10.22 -- Biologics: Formulation, Tech Transfer, Delivery Strategies

The GPEx Suite Of Technologies For Cell Line Development

Biopharma products in development continue to increase in complexity, posing a challenge for pharmaceutical companies looking to improve speed and efficiency of biologic development.

ADC Stands Out In The Crowd Of HER2-Targeted Conjugates

Due to its modularity, the SMARTag conjugation platform can be broadly applied to various disease contexts. It leverages ease of analytics and a critical combination of efficacy and tolerability.

Biologics Drug Product: Formulation, Tech Transfer, Delivery Strategies

Review key considerations for formulation screening of therapeutic proteins and how consistency, planning, and communication are essential for a successful biologic drug product tech transfer.

Transitioning From Vial To Prefilled Syringe

Understand how formulation development for a prefilled syringe affects manufacturing, driving the industry toward optimizing delivery of injectable products and, ultimately, improving patient care.