Newsletter | May 11, 2022

05.11.22 -- Avoid Costly Delays In Your API Scale-Up

Establishing A Correctly Characterized Molecule In Early Drug Development

Understanding the relevant solid-state properties and solid-liquid equilibria of a solid active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) are central to both chemical process and product development.

Approach To Improve Solubility And Bioavailability: Spray Drying

Spray dryers today support the development of some of the most advanced drug formulations, meeting the most precise morphological requirements to ensure performance, stability, and manufacturability.

What You Need To Know To Avoid Costly Delays In Your API Scale-Up

If, in the course of the development process, undesirable effects occur that negatively impact API scale-up, it can prevent a company from delivering a product with reliable quality and efficacy. 

Crystallization And Solid-State Chemistry Fact Sheet

Optimize your small molecule API, and de-risk your product development. Understanding the physical characteristics of APIs and required modification is critical to successful product development and product performance.

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Engineered Solutions Support A Holistic Approach To Drug Product Development

Engineered solutions adopt a comprehensive view of drug product development by looking at pharmaceutical ingredients, related manufacturing processes, products, and biopharmaceutical properties and how they are intrinsically connected and critical to the success of your product development.

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