Affinity Media: Ready-To-Use Media For Purification Of Biomolecules

Source: Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.


Ready-to-use, activated, and protein A media are available for affinity purification of biomolecules. Bio-Rad offers protein A media for different mAb purification needs. UNOsphere SUPrA is designed for process scale purification workflows. Affi-Gel and Affi-Prep protein A media yield highly purified IgG.

UNOsphere SUPrA Affinity Chromatography Media
UNOsphere SUPrA affinity chromatography support is based on recombinant protein A and is designed for process-scale purification of monoclonal antibodies. The protein A ligand is produced in E. coli without the use of material of animal origin.

Single-Step Affinity Purification And Fusion-Tag Cleavage Consumables
The Profinity eXact purification resin consists of a highly engineered subtilisin protease conjugated to an agarose based matrix. Resulting purity of the eluted protein is typically higher than that for other affinity-tag systems due to the specific recognition of subtilisin for its prodomain sequence.

Affinity Purification System - Profinity eXact Fusion-Tag System
The Profinity eXact fusion-tag system is an affinity tag-based protein purification system that addresses the bottlenecks commonly associated with tag removal in other affinity tag systems. This E. coli-based expression and purification system generates a tag-free, highly purified protein containing its native N-terminal amino acid sequence in a single step — without the addition of protease.